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AVALON HOTEL Kungstorget 9 . 411 17 Gothenburg Sweden . +46 (0)31 751 02 00 .
HOTEL AVALON Kungstorget 9 . 411 17 Göteborg . +46 31 751 02 00 .
AVALON RESTAURANT & BAR +46 31 751 02 36 .


Design Hotels' idea is to present exceptional hotels that gain profile thanks to exquisite design, individuality and an altogether outstanding experience for the guest.

Today both business and leisure travellers criss-cross the entire world. Most of them know what they can expect from their hotel stay. But there are a number of hotels that go beyond being a hotel. Approx. 150 hotels across the world are out of the ordinary.

They are members of Design Hotels.

The hotels are represented in every continent. Membership, and a smouldering passion for design and luxury, ties these hotels together as Design Hotels. And still no two hotels are the same. All extend their unique offering.

Guests of Design Hotels are trend sensitive and drive development forward through their heightened awareness of new tides. The hotels stand up to the toughest qualitydemands. Luxury in a Design Hotel is linked to the unique, the genuine. Every guest and employee must be greeted by feeling and attentiveness, for the individual they are.

As each and every one communicates the hotel's purpose and soul. In Sweden there are four members of Design Hotels.

Avalon is one of them.