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AVALON HOTEL Kungstorget 9 . 411 17 Gothenburg Sweden . +46 (0)31 751 02 00 .
HOTEL AVALON Kungstorget 9 . 411 17 Göteborg . +46 31 751 02 00 .
AVALON RESTAURANT & BAR +46 31 751 02 36 .


Our approach at Avalon is built on an exchange of views. When we thought about how the hotel should work, we took the perspective of how we would want things to be as guests. We know that each and everyone wants to be seen, in their own way.

We know that appreciation grows when the hotel has plenty of good staff. The more there are, the greater the chance of being taken seriously. Even if they do or say nothing. Because that is what is required just there and then.

Avalon is designed to fill your reality with meaning. Meaning which gives you experiences and creates memories. Because when you go away we want to remain near. When you dream yourself away. We are practical, not theoretical. Even if all the talk above hints at the opposite, actions - and that sometimes means not to act at all - are the most important for us.

Service is not a game. You should not have to lose one of your important days because someone else has a bad one. On the contrary, even a grey morning can become a bright blue day with a little help. "Just ok" is not enough.

Naturally we have good prices on well designed rooms with comfortable beds and beautiful views. Of course we have comfortable tables, conversation friendly chairs and atmospheric food. To that comes our unique location. And our interest, commitment and desire to give meaning.

And even if we often talk about "we", "our" and "here at Avalon", that does not mean we want to have a distance or make a difference between people. We believe that everyone is on the same side - guests and staff.